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"Mother" first exposure lineup makeup as Yue Lina Yu Yi led the Sohu entertainment Yu Yi played Yue Lina as long nobumune Ying Niang Sohu entertainment news written and directed by Guo Jingyu’s legendary drama "mother" is being filmed, fans in the highly anticipated drama, in the first exposure today the main character makeup photos, starring Yue Lina, Yu Yi, Zhang Shaohua, Liu Zhiyang, Shi Ke, Ni Hongjie, Xiao Yin appeared one by one, very artistic figures again overstating the expectations of the fans. It is understood that "mother" has been scheduled 2017 Jiangsu TV, Tianjin TV prime time broadcast. Yue Lina Yu Yi together again in deductive way "Niang" cut out the heart of Sadomasochism tells the story of a mother and five children’s story, this is Yue Lina Yu Yi, following the "dog" stick together again after deduction of couples, compared to the "love after getting married in the dog club" mode, "two people in" the love of mother Xu more romantic, long two master takatsugu Zong (Yu Yi decorated) home, almost die abroad, thanks to Ying Niang (Yue Lina) care before dying. After two people, gave birth to two daughters, third fetus in the pregnant mother Ying, long back home. Unexpectedly, the three daughter was regarded as her nemesis, comprehensive protection for his wife and daughter, long and long house Jizong decided to break the separation of changuo. Calm makeup, Yue Lina look dignified atmosphere, very large family housewife temperament, this grand dress set off the long house of social status, in stark contrast with Ying Niang poor background, adumbrative Ying Niang and Long Jizong sad ending. The play, Yu Yi played two roles, from makeup as can be seen, two young long Jizong a scholar emotional, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, three young lung nobumune but more than a little gentleman, these two characters is a poster, LED fans to the role relationship and the destiny of the conjecture. Liu Zhiyang beam anti a new good man for his role in the interpretation of subtly malicious network drama series "Xia Dongqing" soul ferry corner of the audience was known as Liu Zhiyang, stay warm the heart of the popular image of adorable. In the "mother", he will subvert the sun in the form of playing a leading role in anti Shaoqing, photos, his sly smile revealed the complexities of character. When the play, Shaoqing down and long Jizong intersection Jieyi, because of love. The poison killed Jizong, Ying Niang repeatedly to confession was rejected, he was unwilling to steal Ying Niang and Jizong son in prison, went to japan. Although Shaoqing is a hard heart, won the brother’s wife subtly malicious male, but also a meeting of his beloved woman, can immediately as around the finger, with the new good man pay. The makeup character of "overstating other fans expect Niang road design" directed by Chen Minzheng, to create a "biography", "Zhen?" and other popular domestic drama yangko dance style design style for him, fit the story characters, always let a person shine at the moment. To restore the true degree of maximum strength, "Mother Road" before and after the preparation of the shape of the past six months spent. Zhang Shaohua’s long old lady, elegant shape, highlight its long family head of the family; Shi Ke played the full game popularity Takao, who played with Ni Hongjie相关的主题文章:

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Sichuan 14 city states by the Expo platform signed 423 projects with a total investment of 396 billion 800 million and 14 prefectures agreement agreement a total investment of 396 billion 800 million Cibaud will be opening soon, city states are busy doing what 14 city states use the Expo platform signed 423 projects with a total investment of 396 billion 800 million Yuan agreement newspaper news (reporter Zhang Shou Shuai) in November 2nd. The sixteenth session of the Expo has not yet opened, Chengdu, Yibin (micro-blog), Liangshan (micro-blog) and other 14 prefectures were held by the platform investment environment promotion project "Sichuan", a small climax. Chengdu signed 19 strategic cooperation agreement and project investment agreement, a total investment of 158 billion 630 million yuan; Zigong (micro-blog) signed 11 projects with a total investment of 22 billion 550 million yuan; Liangshan (micro-blog) signed 29 projects with a total investment of 21 billion 584 million 600 thousand yuan…… According to reporter statistics, in addition to the 6 strategic cooperation agreement signed in Chengdu (agreement amount of $115 billion), the total investment agreement signed on the day of 423, involving an investment of $396 billion 829 million 600 thousand. Following the 1654 major projects in October 31 on the history of the organization focused on the project, Sichuan once again highlighted as the western investment activity. A single project investment is a major feature of the city state project contract. Sichuan Dekang agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology limited company in Yibin 5 million pigs of circular economy and green food deep processing project, the total investment amounted to 7 billion 500 million yuan; Beijing financial mail in Leshan (micro-blog) to implement the Qianfoyan – Dongfeng weir scenic area comprehensive development project, the total investment is 3 billion 500 million yuan; ZOJE Energy & Environment Technology (Dazhou (micro-blog) Industrial Park) total investment budget for 2 billion yuan. According to reporter estimates, 423 contracted projects an average single investment of 938 million yuan. Among them, Chengdu, Zigong, Yibin, micro-blog (Meishan), Dazhou, Leshan, (micro-blog) and other 7 cities a single project investment of over 1 billion yuan, especially in Chengdu and Zigong, the most significant. From the source of the project, from the world’s top 500 enterprises and foreign enterprises more. Meishan breath introduced 6 world top 500 enterprises have settled down, including the world’s largest enterprise software company Oracle, the world’s second largest chemical companies such as Dow chemical. Chengdu is the introduction of the Sino German cooperation "Sichuan Airlines (micro-blog) air logistics Career Academy", SIEMENS help BOE production line upgrading projects, gain new achievements in the construction of national portal city oriented "The Belt and Road". As a resource-based city, the old industrial city, Dazhou signed 9 projects with a total investment of 12 billion 60 million yuan agreement; Neijiang (micro-blog) signed a total of $24 billion 605 million in the project agreement. Sichuan regional economic powerhouse is the aviation industry, new energy industry, the tourism industry as the "new economy" in transition. It is worth mentioning that the current popular PPP mode, but also a major highlight of the city state to introduce the project. Guang’an (micro-blog) united credit management of the government and the Limited by Share Ltd, the Limited by Share Ltd Guoxin Guoxin signed a joint credit, in the shares (Guang’an) project of urban and rural wisdom demonstration area, the construction of PPP model, agreement to invest 15 billion 500 million yuan, the proposed construction in Guang’an urban and rural wisdom demonstration area, small aircraft.相关的主题文章:

Kim Jong Kuk hear the sound of rain Jin Rong seductive help MV (video) t420s

Kim Jong Kuk interpretation of "Jin Rong" to hear the sound of rain, seductive MV [Abstract] after the first Chinese single "hate to happiness" received exposure, "" Kim Jong Kuk Chinese love song, cover of Chinese music "to hear the sound of rain", the interpretation is different from before the public familiar with the "sound of rain" version. Detailed aesthetic MV today moving line. Kim Jong Kuk heard the sound of rain "Tencent" entertainment news Chinese following first single "hate" happiness to get praise after exposure, "" Kim Jong Kuk Chinese love song, cover of Chinese music "to hear the sound of rain", the interpretation is different from before the public familiar with the "sound of rain" version, detailed aesthetic MV moving today on the line. Jin Rong’s wet strength acting to help singing a new interpretation of the sound of rain ", on the original melody soft and romantic, add more sweet and sour refreshing true confession, given the classic new feeling! MV once again invite Kuang Sheng surgeon, and invited in by acting famous actor Jin Rong as MV actor, for this song called "love song" points back to hear the sound of rain. MV picture in black and white tone, with musical description in love beauty, sadness, and MV in every second, just like a picture postcard memories like beautiful, full of music and love the healing function. Jin Rong in the MV show urban mature male charm, sometimes gentle, sometimes deep, in the MV field and the heroine Street emotional drama, to shoot the best results, dedication of Jin Rong in the rain situation back and forth to take dozens of times until the director is satisfied, the director also praised Kim Jong Kuk sentimental magnetic voice with the strength of Jin Rong acting with the MV, the instant release of affectionate zhichuo heart! This is the first "to hear the sound of rain" melted "ability" Kim Jong Kuk, shooting MV Kim Jong Kuk shot by an umbrella and a stack of light rain "describe" love studio, also deduce a tenderness tough heart, showing the longing for love. "The music master" Huang Yuxun "to hear the sound of rain" tailor adapted piano production, and the prelude of interleaving in moist and soothing, "and I heard the sound of rain reminds me of you with the lips to say love……" Kim Jong Kuk, sentimental exquisite vocal sounds that broke out in the chorus, black and white collocation picture, Jin Rong gentle and firm eyes, add more songs watch people’s true confession, give this classic song different audio-visual enjoyment! Tencent news client music page card on the line!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章:

Nanjing has a number of bus lines to adjust due to road construction temporary bypass (video) xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Nanjing has a number of bus lines to adjust due to road construction temporary detour Express News (correspondent reporter Li Na Xu Bing) Modern Express reporter learned from the municipal administrative office, Nanjing this week, a number of bus is adjusted, please pay attention to take home. Starting this week, Dongshan bus 754 road service time adjustment. To facilitate travel, 12345 government hotline, 96196 traffic service hotline to public demands, 754 road linkeyuan south first bus time changed from 5:30 to 5:15, Tainan Yuhua door at the end of last time changed from 21:10 to 22:00. In September 27th, Yan Yao road construction, bus 76 Road, 107 Road, 122 Road, 145 Road, Y23 Road, 5 bus lines to detour 5 days. October 2, 2016 (Sunday) resume. 76 Road, 122 Road, 145 Road, Y23 road concrete to by Yao Jia Lu, the new Yao Road, Jin Yao Road, Yan Yao Road (Kua Xianqiao) back to the original lane. Stops along the way: Jin Yao hill east gate, computing center. The original villa no longer call Jin yao. 107 specific to the new Yao Road, the West Jin Yao and Yan Yaolu (Kua Xianqiao) back to the original lane. Stops along the way: Jin Yao hill east gate, computing center. The original villa no longer call Jin yao. September 28th, Yong Jiang road construction, the bus 695 road detour. 1 "Venice City eleven blocks west, Venice City twelve blocks west" temporary migration to the area east (Binjiang Avenue) dock. 2 "Venice City sixteen blocks south of temporary migration to Tianhua road and Binjiang Avenue intersection stop. The end of September 30th, construction of the three branch of the river bridge, the south bus No. 307 to restore the original line. The 1 bus route 307 to five Du Xinyu Mo direction, since the "agricultural trade center" stand by, Heng Zheng Road, Lijiang road back to the original line. Along the way, the New River branch of the river restoration: three village. At the direction of the original temporary Jiangdong Road · three braided river, Ge Fang Xiyuan station don’t stop. 2 "Jiangdong Road · three braided river bus station (West Side), the removal of temporary stop in the fast lane. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original text of Nanjing transit city new plan: Metro Line 4 at the end of the trial operation of the main city bus lanes add 30 km相关的主题文章:

Good temper, how important to women in the end poper

Good temper, how important to women in the end? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "heart" face feelings every time lover long time did not contact me, my heart is very chaotic, irritability, want to read is "TA may happen", or "we have an accident", cannot read what other aspects are better, is the face of emotion, always so uneasy; see children don’t study hard, I was angry and sad, think if he scores do not go, do not love learning, we work so hard, husband and wife to raise him, but efforts were in vain; and when my colleagues and supervisors have different opinions, I very nervous, or to suppress their, resentment, or completely broke out, resulting in difficult to clean up the consequences of hindsight really should not, but I was already unable to control. Are you familiar with the emotional and psychological conflicts? In our ordinary life, every day is not staged a variety of emotional shock, emotional suffering experience it? So, in addition to singing "life is like a linen, there is little lumps from ridicule, in addition to" cried, Tucao and then continue to endure, what we can do for their own feelings? The experience of feeling perceiving emotion from the beginning, aware of the emotion of the moment, try to fully experience the feeling in the moment, try to close the heart to Lenovo, back in the past pent up emotional experience, promote wound healing, to achieve spiritual growth. Emotions, not simply from the outside world. Through the present or confusion, or pure emotion, we can understand the desire, the probing of unconscious fantasy, to a deeper understanding of yourself and heal yourself, and all the premise is that we can perceive emotion, emotion and friendly. If you have self repression, dare not touch your feelings; if you would continue to follow the rational thinking, the master speaks of strict logic to see their own, avoid helplessness and vulnerability, fear of losing control; if you want to be responsible for their own emotions and feelings from chaos, gradually sort out the order, emotional farewell depressed and vulnerable, to achieve effective management of emotion. 1, the mood is a subjective experience, not only from the outside world, but also with the experience of life in the past, caregivers’ emotional education level, especially the trauma experience. Radical and messy emotions, often is the past and present, the two time in the uncomfortable feeling, in the moment, in the loss of awareness and superposition of regulation under the condition of harassing the consciousness; without integration wound, touched at the moment, emotional reaction, will produce a burst of extreme emotional energy; like meditation, yoga, and, ultimately to truthfully, truthfully on the experience from the shackles of past experience, as much as possible so that the emotional experience fresh and pure, be free. 2, the emotion experience is just a clue, if we can observe and understand between the emotion of the moment and the environment, as well as the past life of the three links, you can release growth)相关的主题文章: